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The PanoCamAdder is an addon for Blender.

It is helpfull to create 3D models from equirectangular panoramas.

The PanoCamAdder is also helpfull for creating models especially for KRpano 3D-depthmap panorama tours.


  • Add PanoCam:
    • 360°-viewer camera setup
    • panorama material for the model
    • desaturated panorama world for the background
  • Add Hotspot:
    • Hotspot placeholder with correct size and rotation.
  • Add ImageHotspot:
    • Choose an image from your system. It will be added as texture on a plane with correct size and rotation.
  • Easy toggeling between different 360 cameras.
  • Easy toggeling between different panorama materials/worlds.
  • Zoom slider for the 360 viewer.
  • Quick viewport settings.
  • Prepare the models for krpano with just one click.
  • KRpano Values: Read out the panorama/hotspot/view positions/rotations (translated to KRpano 3D space) to create 3D-depthmap panorama tours.
  • KRpano to Blender: Import finished 3D-depthmap models and bring them to the right location/rotation.
  • Print preformed xml code for positioning panoramas and hotspots quickly in KRpano.
  • Create and bake a dollhouse texture from multiple pano materials
  • Create and print polygonal hotspots
  • Renders panoramas of any 3D scenes and outputs the exact values for the positions.

The PanoCamAdder+ is full compatible to the free vesrion!

Means: If you start with the free version, you can finish your project with PanoCamAdder+

Update Version2.0

  • Assigning the appropriate Pano_MAT to each Pano_CAM can now be automated, which is a big time saver and makes working very comfortable.
  • Creating and baking a dollhouse texture from multiple pano materials is now possible and works with just a few mouse clicks!
  • New and better KRP outputs.
  • A new, simpler hotspot.
  • In the PCA 2.0 are now also the two addons PolyspotPrinter and Blender2KRpano integrated.

Update Version1.7

Preparing the model(s) for krpano is much easier and faster

  • create multiple 3D-depthmaps at once!
  • automatically creating a depthmap-tour scenario, with all finished 3D-depthmaps well aligned

Update Version1.6


  • Filebrowser support (massive workflow speed up!)
  • Add Image Hotspot (no additional addon needed anymore!)
  • Add Hotspot (new placeholder, easier to handle and better output. Works fine with Panimator and HotspotStyler!)

Update Version1.5


  • KRPtoBlender Load in your finished models and move them to the correct location
  • Helper materials
    • UV Checker For checking editing UV-layout
    • UVTexture For the 'dollhouse'
    • Depthmapped For finished 3D depthmap models

Update Version1.4

Two small improvements:

  • The cam-height is now at 3D-cursor position + cam-height (user input). This is useful if you create a model with more floors or if your ground is not at '0'.
  • A 'Warning' message appears if you press the 'Make Exportready' button with wrong selection.

Update: Version1.3

  • 'Make Exportready' operator improvement: Now you can use it for imported models, too.
  • Better image hotspot code. Correct pixel size; works with any image type.
    But attention! This needs to simple settings for the 'Import Images As Planes' addon.

Update: Version1.2

This is a small but important update.

  • The 'Make ExportReady' operator works now correct for the horizontal axis, too.
  • Some UI optimations.

Means: You can level your panoramas with Blender. But best practise is still to use well straightend panorams.

Update: Version1.1

  • Bugfix: sometimes wrong values (opposite sign) for the vertical axis.
  • New hotspot placeholder: The new placeholder has the same direction as other objects now. Theoretically you can use every object as hotspotplaceholder now. But I recommend to use the new 'add Hotspot object', because there is frontside, backside easier to point out!
  • Dimensions: The dimensions of the objects are now translated to krpano- width and height. Means: You can add a placeholder, rotate and scale it to get a hotspot-code with corecct width- and height values!
  • New hotspot codes:
    • HS raw: name; width; height; tx; ty; tz; rx; ry; rz.
    • HS rectangle: Same as 'raw' + some style to get an instant hotspot design. You can choose bgcolor and bgalpha before printing!
    • HS circle: Same as 'rectangle' + bgroundedge (half size from the shorter length).
    • HS image: Add images as hotspot (enable 'Add images as planes' first).

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